About Healthy Dog Services

Healthy Dog Services started in 2016 as Frankie’s Fine Fare – lip-smacking treats for dogs. We believed, and still do, that there should be no difference in the quality of food our fur family eats to what we eat. Frankie’s Fine Fare treats are made with the same mince, fish, vegetables and cheese that I eat myself (except for liver, I don’t eat liver – yuck! ).

In 2017 4 Paws Massage joined Healthy Dog Services and is providing therapeutic massage for working, aging and show dogs. Therapists are certified in Canine Myofunctional Massage so you can feel secure knowing that whatever service you choose it will be provided safely.

The next addition to Healthy Dog Services will be canine nutrition. We’ll keep you posted as that develops.

All in all, at Healthy Dog Services we believe dogs are part of the family.

Gypsy eating a snack
Gypsy snacking

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